New Jersey Economic Development Authority Security Policy

We understand the security of personal and account information about you is important to you. To assist us in offering financial services in a secure manner, we employ a number of controls described below. These controls allow us to properly authenticate your identity when you access these services and protect information about you as it travels over the Internet between us and your access device (such as PC or wireless device).

All online payment transactions are conducted over a secure server, and are supported by industry-standard data encryption. This 128-bit encryption is available through your browser and is called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Personal information as well as critical bank or credit card account information is encrypted or scrambled before being transmitted for payment.

To verify your session is secure, look for https: instead of http: in the URL address line, and a secure symbol (for example, closed padlock or key) on the status bar of your browser located on the lower part of the screen. For more information on your browser's features and how to download a more secure version of your browser, click on one of the browser logos at the bottom of this page.

To provide additional protection, a timeout feature is used on selected parts of our Web site. This feature automatically logs you out of your account after an extended period of time. Re-establishing and authenticating your credentials for your online session helps to reduce unauthorized access to your account with us via the Internet.

The Web site uses firewalls to protect our computer systems and your information. Firewalls can be thought of as a selective barrier that permits only specific types of traffic (transactions) through to our systems.

Questions? Contact EDA Customer Care at (609) 858-6767 or by e-mailing

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