New Jersey Economic Development Authority:

Application for Brownfield Impact Fund (USEPA Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund)

Relevant Application Documentation:

The Brownfields Impact Fund program provides grant funding and low-interest loans to public sector and non-profit organizations, as well as low-interest loans to for-profit organizations, to carry out cleanup activities at brownfield sites throughout the state. This program is supported by a Revolving Loan Fund grant awarded by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). Potential applicants for the Brownfields Impact Fund are asked to pre-qualify for the program prior to applying to evaluate eligibility. The pre-qualification form is available on our website:

When NJEDA has confirmed that the online application has been filled out and the required documents for application are received, the applicant will secure their place in line. NJEDA will evaluate funding commitments, and advise applicant of current funding status. NJEDA will request a check payment from applicant, and advise applicant that the payment is not refundable. The applicant will have 10 business days to provide payment, and if payment is not received in that time, their place will be given to the next applicant in line. They will then move down one place in line. This will continue until their payment is received or until they withdraw. Once we receive the payment, the applicant will be the next in line.

If you have any questions regarding any part of the application or need assistance, please contact the NJEDA Brownfields Program Coordinator at