Before completing the application for the Entrepreneurial Guarantee Program please note that this is a two-part application initiated by the Investor seeking the guarantee AND finalized by the NJ company in which the investor is/has provided funding.

Please note, Application submissions are required to be 1:1 between one unique (per SSN# or FEIN#) investor and Entrepreneurial business, per guarantee agreement. If related entities (but with different FEIN’s or agreements) made a combined investment in to the Entrepreneurial business, they will be required to submit multiple applications.

Please be sure you meet all eligibility criteria before applying which include:

Investor Applicant requirements

  • Investor applicant has provided previous funding to the NJ company in the form of a convertible note, SAFE or equity as of March 9th, 2023 or prior

  • That same Investor applicant is providing/has proved funding after the date of March 12, 2023 which serves as the object of the sought guarantee

  • The Investor applicant is not a founder/employee of the company

  • The note for which the guarantee is being sought has at least a one year maturity, with no current payments and no collateral

The Entrepreneurial Business Requirements

  • Has a minimum of 50% of employees in NJ (as of December 31, 2022)

  • Has fewer than 25 total employees at the time of application and as of December 31, 2022

  • Has under $5 million in trailing twelve-month revenues

  • Has its corporate headquarters in New Jersey (including at least one C suite member with a principal office in New Jersey)

  • Falls under one of the eight sectors outlined in Governor Murphy’s economic plan (advanced manufacturing, information/technology, life sciences, finance and insurance, clean energy, food and beverage, advanced transportation, film and digital media)

  • Is registered to do business in NJ and can certify that the company is in good tax standing with the State

  • Is in good standing with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development

If you do not meet all the eligibility requirements outlined above, do not proceed with the following application for the Entrepreneur Guarantee Program